Breast Reconstruction is the answer for women who have lost their breast or a portion of their breast in the treatment of breast cancer. Our surgeons work closely with the oncologists, radiation therapists, and breast surgeons in our communities to help women navigate this path to recovery. Our doctors have been recognized for their work with breast cancer survivors during this time when many plastic surgeons have chosen not to do breast reconstruction because of poor insurance reimbursements. Dr. William McClure and his associates accept all breast cancer patients into their practice

Reconstruction may be performed at the same time as mastectomy or delayed until after the completion of cancer treatment. Options for reconstruction include breast implants or a TRAM flap where the abdominal skin and fat is used to recreate the breast mound. For women who will be undergoing a mastectomy, it is important to consult with a plastic surgeon prior to this procedure in order to review their reconstructive options.

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