Rhinoplasty is perhaps the most artistic procedure plastic surgeons perform. Correcting nasal shape or profile may be accomplished with greater precision than ever before. Through careful analysis of nasal and facial proportions, the nose can be modified in order to achieve better balance with other facial features. Dr. McClure spends considerable time before surgery exploring his patients’ desires and preferences with the goal of giving our patients a pleasing aesthetic and natural result.
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This is a safe operation performed with gentle sedation and local anesthesia. Nasal breathing problems may also be addressed at the time of the cosmetic nasal surgery. All incisions are made on the inside of the nose so there are no external scars. The recovery is fairly quick. Many times, chin implant surgery is done at the time of rhinoplasty to help better balance the face.


During the recovery period there is swelling and bruising of the nose and mid-face which diminishes quickly. Most patients feel comfortable about their appearance within two weeks. One also wears a small aluminum splint on the nose for six days. There is soreness the first few days and nasal airway congestion for a couple of weeks due to swelling inside the nose.

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