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Aging around the eyes produces ezcess upper eyelid skin as well as wrinkles and fat bulges in the lower eyelids, “bags.” One can inherent the tendency for skin and fat excess of the upper and lower eyelids which can make one look worn out or tired when they aren’t. It can make one look older. Cosmetic eyelid surgery, blepharoplasty, is frequently the most cost effective way of giving one a more refreshed, younger, and less tired look to enhance overall facial appearance.

Upper eyelid surgery involves removing upper eyelid skin excess and fat bulges. The scar falls in the normal eyelid crease and blends in to the point of being almost invisible. Lower eyelid surgery is done by removing excess fat from beneath the eye through an incision made inside of the lower eyelid. This is called the the transconjunctival approach. If there are significant lower eyelid wrinkles the excess skin can be removed through an incision made just underneath the eyelashes.

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This scar blends in to the point of being almost invisible. Newer techniques, which combine the internal incisions with laser or chemical resurfacing to reduce wrinkles, are also available. Some patients have lax lower eyelid muscles which require a muscle suspension procedure to obtain the desired effect.

These operations can be combined with other facial procedures such as, Lite-lift, brow lift, chemical peels (TCA), BOTOX® Cosmetic, and Face and Neck Lift. Blepharoplasties are done under light sedation with local anesthesia. It is a safe operation with a quick recovery.

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