Neck Liposuction

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Actual Patient

For the appropriate patient, neck liposuction is a simple and effective procedure. If you have youthful skin elasticity, but are bothered by a double chin or fullness of the neck, you may want to consider this procedure. Through tiny access incisions, a thin liposuction cannula is used to remove excess fat and contour the neck.

Recovery is rapid, and the effect can be dramatic. In patients with older skin, the skin may not “snap back” as desired. In such cases, a facelift procedure is more appropriate.

The operation is done under gentle sedation with local anesthesia or local anesthesia alone. It is many times done in conjunction with chin implant, rhinoplasty, Lite lift or facelift.

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After Neck Liposuction

Recovery from neck liposuction is quick. One can shower and drive the next day. There can be mild bruising and swelling which resolve quickly. The swelling doesn’t make the neck larger, but rather, temporarily obscures the results. Though one can return to their usual activities, we ask patient to hold off on vigorous activity for three weeks.

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