Youthful facial harmony is dependent on both the skin and the underlying facial skeleton. A well proportioned attractive chin and jawline is key to facial harmony. A receding chin can cause imbalance; making the nose look larger, accentuating jowling, and blunting the neckline. In the appropriate patient, a chin implant can augment the facial bone structure, correcting these shortcomings.
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Along the same line, some people have a sunken area beneath the cheekbones, either as a result of their natural bone structure, or as a result of aging. Fat loss in the cheeks result in a sunken, drawn look. Malar (cheek) implants can subtly or dramatically change a patients appearance, depending on the desired result. These implants are not as popular today because we have the new injectable product JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC which can augment the cheekbones nicely without the need for surgery and cheek implants.
The chin augmentation procedure is safe and the small scar is well hidden. It is performed under gentle sedation with local anesthesia, and the recovery is quick. Chin implants are many times done to enhance rhinoplasty and facelift results.

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