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Dr. McClure's Reviews

Read through Dr. McClure’s reviews from the #1 plastic surgery customer review database,, as well as from Google and Yelp.

Amazing Results

Amazing compassionate human with great surgical and artistic skills. Highly recommend this doctor. He was so kind even when we woke him at 3 a.m. for some advice my first night. Office staff is polite and efficient.

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Run don’t walk to Dr  McClure’s office

One week ago today I had what is called a "light lift", and a little unwanted baggage under my eyes removed and tightened up, and I could not be happier with both the results and the experience.  It all started with my neighbor.  I had not seen...

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66 Year Old Male with Tired Looking Eyes

Unhappy with wrinkles on my lower eyelids. He transformed them into a result which has given me a more youthful and attractive appearance. I can't thank Dr. McClure enough. The whole experience has given me impetus to consider other procedures that could...

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The results are fabulous!!

On the advice of my best friend, I chose Dr McClure when I wanted to get breast implants.  I did my homework and looked into surgeons in San Francisco but was not overly impressed by them, or their prices.  And what better recommendation can...

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Dr. McClure is the best!

Thank you Dr McClure!! I have had breast augmentation and minimally invasive brow lift and have always been pleased with the results. Dr McClure is caring and always listened to my concerns. I would not hesitate to go back to him for any future procedures...

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I Would Recommend Dr. McClure to Anyone!

I would recommend Dr. McClure to anyone !! Professional, calming, experienced and generous with his time. I had seen Dr McClure for non- cosmetic medical reasons so I had a great deal of trust in him when I decided to go ahead with a full face-lift. I...

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Another Happy Patient!

I have been to Dr. McClure multiple times for botox both in my forehead and my armpits. I also have had small moles removed from him over the years. He has a beautiful office and lovely staff but he is the real standout. He always spends ample time with...

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Great experience!

Dr. McClure is the best! So calming and reassuring, answers all your questions. My surgery went smoothly and recovery was so easy and painless. Now I get botox from him regularly and am always happy to visit his beautiful office in the Napa Valley.

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