Advice for a Future Mommy Makeover – Vacaville, CA

Dr McClure is so calming. Just listening to him speak made me less nervous. He always takes his time and answers all my questions. I have never felt rushed. I went back yesterday for a microderm facial with Christine and am very happy. 🙂


Jan. 3, 2014

53 Years Old, 3 Kids, Trying for Years to Lose the Tummy with Minimal Results. – Napa, CA

Dr. McClure was very reassuring and made me feel less anxious about having the procedure. He described all of the stages of recovery so I could make an informed decision. On the day of surgery his staff took good care of me and I felt like I was in good hands. My first post-operative visit fell on a weekend. He offered to come into his office on a Sunday to see me (but I did not take him up on the offer and waited until Monday). He and staff were readily available by phone. It’s only been a little over six weeks, but I do like the results thus far. Dr. McClure is an excellent surgeon, an artist, and I would recommend him without hesitation.

March 14, 2014

Small Volume Tumescent Lipo to Lovies, Hips, Thighs – Napa

My doctor has been informative, realistic, personable, and even though I wish he had said yes, he said he could no do my arms because I would not get a good result. His honesty gives me more trust. Also, (from what I have heard from others around town, so don’t beat me if I’m wrong) he does a lot of pro-bono work in developing countries, fixing cleft lips kind of stuff, and other surgeries that make a big difference for people who usually have to suffer their entire lives. And they sent me flowers!


Sept. 7, 2010