SCITON® Erbium Laser Skin Resurfacing

As we age our skin looses its elasticity and fullness. This aging combined with the effects of sun damage and environmental pollutants takes it toll on the skin leaving it wrinkled, fatigued, and dotted with “age” spots. A Sciton® erbium laser skin resurfacing procedure can reverse these effects and restore a healthy look to the skin.
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An erbium YAG laser beam is scanned across the facial areas to remove a layer of skin in a precise manner without bleeding. The body replaces the old, damaged skin with a fresh, healthy layer. Treatments can range from shallow (which might be appropriate for eliminating fine lines, sun spots and tired-looking skin) to deep (which is often used to improve skin tone/texture and eliminate deep wrinkles, even in difficult areas like upper lip lines and crow’s feet).

The procedure is performed by our physicians in their nationally certified surgery center, which shares a building with the Medical Spa. Local anesthesia with mild sedation is all that is required for this very safe procedure. We do advise patients that full recovery time can be from two to five weeks depending on the depth of the treatment.

The finest resurfacing laser available which provides patients with the best results with the least risk of complications.

Jason N. Posner, MD

Renown skin resurfacing expert

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