Vaginal tightening

According to RealSelf, non-surgical treatments for vaginal tightening as well as surgeries like labiaplasty and vaginoplasty grew “a whopping 37% year over year, with 3.8 million visits in 2016 alone.”  Vaginal tightening with Votiva is a groundbreaking non-invasive solution for women seeking to rejuvenate their vaginal area without surgery.

Dryness, discomfort, and a variation in genital appearance can inhibit women from enjoying intimacy. Vaginal tightening with Votiva is a safe and effective way for women to address unwanted changes to their vaginal area due to childbirth and aging.

Patients love Votiva for improving their feminine health because it:


Addresses vaginal skin laxity


Relieves dryness and irritation


Eases mild urinary incontinence


Relieves pain during intercourse


Firms the labia minora (inner lips)


Diminishes excess tissue and tightens area outside the vaginal opening

Votiva is the first and only FDA-approved device that addresses vaginal laxity, dryness, sexual discomfort, as well as mild incontinence. It is also the only treatment available at this time that can be used for both the external and internal areas. At Napa Solano Plastic Surgery, women are offered a fast, gentle, and effective solution for common feminine health and wellness concerns.

Internal & External Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation

Weight fluctuations, hormonal changes, intimacy and high-impact workouts can have a marked effect on the health and appearance of your vaginal area. As women mature, their vaginas undergo many changes, from a loss in elastin and collagen to the physical effects of childbirth. Votiva provides internal and external treatment of the vaginal area thanks to two unique hand-pieces.

Benefits for Inner and External

The FormaV addresses changes to the inner lining of the vagina. It is used to:

  • Help increase collagen levels
  • Address vaginal skin laxity
  • Relieve dryness and irritation
  • Ease mild urinary incontinence
  • Relieve pain during intercourse due to labial hypertrophy
  • Firm labia minora (inner lips)

The FractoraV addresses itself to changes that affect the outer vaginal lips (labia majora):

  • Stimulates collagen
  • Stimulates elastin
  • Resurfaces and improves skin quality
  • Diminishes excess tissue and tightens the area outside the vaginal opening

Why Patients Visit Napa Solano Plastic Surgery for Vaginal Tightening

Vaginal tightening is a highly individualized treatment, requiring an unparalleled level of aesthetic skill. Our doctors’ extensive practical experience as board certified plastic surgeons enable him to determine the best possible rejuvenation treatment to recommend to each patient. He is also in an excellent position to suggest add-on treatments that may further enhance the results of the procedure.

The Science behind Votiva

The ability to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen is integral to the success of a vaginal rejuvenation procedure. These two substances are naturally plentiful in young women but begin to diminish over time as we age. Votiva’s twin hand-pieces, the FormaV and FractoraV, both use radio frequency energy to effect positive changes.

The FormaV administers a uniform “dose” of heat to the treatment area, which causes the tissue to tighten and contract. The FractoraV delivers heat in a fractional pattern. This enables it to penetrate more deeply into the tissue and achieve greater results. Results are noticeable immediately and the benefits continue to improve over time. It is generally many months to years before a maintenance treatment is required.

Unlike Votiva’s non-invasive vaginal tightening, surgical approaches to vaginal rejuvenation have:

  • More expense
  • Protracted down time
  • Possibility of scarring
  • Risk of infection

Are You A Good Candidate for Vaginal Tightening?

Age is not a factor for candidacy, good health is a factor, both physical and mental. If you consider yourself to be in general good health and you have a realistic attitude regarding the benefits of vaginal tightening, you’ve cleared the first two hurdles.

When our staff meets you during your initial consultation, they will review your medical history, lifestyle, and aesthetic goals to make absolutely certain that vaginal tightening at Napa Solano Plastic Surgery is right for you.

Vaginal tightening is recommended for women who:

  • Have undergone menopause
  • Have given birth
  • Experience vaginal dryness
  • Experience mild urinary incontinence
  • Experience pain during sexual intercourse

Learn More About Vaginal Tightening

How to Prepare for a Vaginal Tightening Consultation

When you’re ready to explore vaginal tightening, your first step is a professional consultation. At Napa Solano Plastic Surgery, you’ll be asked to discuss your physical and aesthetic goals. The idea is to form a full picture of you as a person, not just a vagina with a woman wrapped around it. A medical provider will evaluate you as a candidate for vaginal tightening and determine whether Votiva is the best approach for addressing your concerns.

You should arrive at your consultation ready to discuss your medical history, including:

  • Medical conditions (past and present)
  • Drug allergies
  • Current medications (prescription, OTC, herbal)
  • Use of alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs
  • Your chief motivation for vaginal tightening
  • The results you expect from the treatment

Your preliminary consultation will also include:

  • A physical examination to evaluate the elasticity of vaginal skin
  • A discussion of your treatment options
  • Our recommendations and reasoning
  • A review of likely outcomes, including risks or potential complications
  • A discussion of healing and benefits

How to Get Ready for a Vaginal Tightening Treatment

You may be asked to arrive at Napa Solano Plastic Surgery prior to your appointment time to complete some simple patient paperwork. As this is not a surgical procedure, there are no special requirements regarding pre–medication or food restrictions. Although, in some instances, we may recommend that patients avoid blood thinners to reduce the risk of bruising.

What to Expect During & After Vaginal Tightening

It can be unnerving to deal with unfamiliar faces and places when you’re undergoing a treatment. Because vaginal tightening is an in-office treatment, you’ll feel right at home with the friendly team you know at Napa Solano Plastic Surgery.

How Does it Work?

Lubricating gel is put on the FormaV hand-piece and it is inserted into the vagina to a depth of up to 8cm. The practitioner makes several passes with the hand-piece, exposing vaginal tissue to painless radio frequency energy. The FormaV is then positioned on the labia and the practitioner makes several passes there with the hand-piece. The FractoraV hand-piece is used exclusively on the external area where fractional energy is dispensed to stimulate collagen and elastin.

A treatment lasts a matter of minutes, depending on the degree of vaginal tightening to be done. After-care is minimal as most people tolerate this treatment extremely well.

Generally speaking, patients say they notice a difference to their vaginal appearance the same day, although three treatments are recommended to achieve optimal results.

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