Dr. Snyder's Reviews

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Dr. Snyder is an artist in the truest sense

Dr. Snyder is an artist in the truest sense. He’s fastidious in his surgical approach and a perfectionist in his results. You will know immediately you’re in the capable hands of a genius who performs miracles. I am so ecstatic I found him! You will be too!



Mommy Makeover- Tummy Tuck with Liposuction of Hips and Breast Lift

I am thrilled with my tummy tuck and breast lift results! Dr. Snyder is a very talented surgeon and I cannot thank him enough for helping me regain my pre-baby shape! The staff were so helpful and the facility at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery was nice and private. Keep up the great work.



Breast Reduction Artist!

Before going into this type of surgery, I did lots of research and sought out the best reviewed surgeons in the county. I was able to find Dr. Snyder and went in for a consultation. Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery is by far one of the most professional, courteous, clean and organized places I have been to in St. Johns County. Dr. Snyder and his staff made me feel so comfortable and confident about the procedure that I totally didn’t think about the procedure being scary anymore.

Because I am very petite and was a 34DDD, my back and shoulders were suffering from the weight. My medical insurance picked up most of the tab and I paid the difference. My surgery was one of the best surgery experiences I have ever had from start to finish. I didn’t need any prescription pain killers at all. I took over the counter Motrin for the first 3 days and Tylenol for the following nights just because of the swelling and a little irritation under the bra line. My breasts look beautiful and very even.

Dr. Snyder is not only an amazing surgeon but an artist and takes his time to ensure his patients are happy with the results. I would definitely recommend him and Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery to anyone seeking to have a breast reduction or any other type of reconstructive surgery. I am currently almost 3 weeks post surgery. I still have some swelling and soreness but it’s expected but not unbearable.. I don’t have anymore back pain.. neck pains.. shoulder pains or headaches like I did… I am very happy!



Changed from Saline to Silicone at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery with Dr. Snyder

PVPS is simply the best around. From the spotless and beautiful facility, the entire office staff, the educated nurses, and of course..the best surgeons this side of florida. Dr Snyder did a fantastic job swapping out my implants as well as fixing a previous pocket deformity caused by the implants i had done 15 years prior. He is highly skilled, friendly, and won’t feed you any BS. He is a straight shooter and a very talented man. Nobody could ask for a better experience..and I am having him straighten my nose soon as well. I know I will look beautiful, because he would never settle for less. Please..go see this incredible surgeon. Don’t take chances with your body.



I am thrilled with the results

I did research the second time around, believe me! He was highly recommended and specializes in breast reconstruction. He also did a tummy tuck at the time of this reconstruction. I am thrilled with the results of both procedures!