The “Body Lift” is a combination of contouring operations designed for the post bariatric surgery (“gastric bypass“) patient whose considerable weight loss has left them with large amounts of excess skin. The different tightening operations include neck lift, breast lift (male and female), tummy tuck, arm lift, thigh lift, buttock lift, and sometimes tightening of the flanks. A common combination procedure is called the “Belt Lipectomy.” This is an extended abdominoplasty where extra skin and fat is removed from the back and flanks, and the buttocks are lifted.

The Body Lift changes can be the most dramatic we see in plastic surgery. Even though some of these procedures leave noticeable scars, patients are extremely happy with the results. The operations are mixed and matched depending on the patients needs and preferences. Multiple procedures can be done in a single sitting. Except for the neck lift and arm lift, most require general anesthesia. Recovery is fairly comfortable.

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