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SlimLipo™ Body Sculpting Laser

Dr. Klink and Dr. McClure at Napa Solano Plastic Surgery now offer patients the latest in body-sculpting technology. The SlimLipo™ Body Sculpting Laser by Palomar® is a laser lipolysis device that quickly and effectively removes unsightly fat in a less invasive procedure.

SlimLipo™ Body Sculpting Laser can:


Surgically remove unwanted fat


Shorten recovery time and patient discomfort


Provide effective treatment requiring small incision sites


Treat larger areas


Promote skin tightening

With SlimLipo™, patients have access to one of the most advanced liposuction alternatives on the market today. SlimLipo™ is a laser-based fat reduction treatment that is revolutionizing the way liposuction is performed.

The “Slim” in SlimLipo™ stands for Selective Laser Induced Melting. Its specially-designed laser uses a wavelength of light which is ideal for melting larger amounts of fat in larger anatomical areas. Compared with traditional liposuction, the laser causes less trauma in the tissues and vessels that surround areas of fat, resulting in less bruising and bleeding. Plus, the SlimLipo™ instrument is very small, which means that surgeon is able to make smaller incisions that result in smaller scars than traditional methods.

Traditional liposuction is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedures and according to the 2007 survey from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, laser-assisted liposuction holds out the promise for a better technique due to the laser’s ability to quickly and selectively melt fat and heat surrounding tissue.

Patients are interested in liposuction to achieve one goal: slimming unwanted bulges of diet and exercise-resistant fat. SlimLipo™ can help you reach that goal without the lengthy downtime and after effects commonly associated with traditional liposuction methods.

SlimLipo™ is the product of 6 years of research to determine the ideal wavelength of light to melt fatty tissue. This patented device blends 2 different wavelengths to achieve both fat reduction and skin tightening. All of these years of research have helped to create a laser lipo technology that can safely address larger areas of excess fat better than any other laser-based treatment.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does SlimLipo contour the body?

SlimLipo is a laser-assisted fat removal procedure. It combines liposuction and laser techniques to melt and remove unwanted fat from areas of the face and body while also helping to tighten the surrounding skin.

What areas of the body can be treated with SlimLipo?

SlimLipo is appropriate for contouring many areas of the face and body where stubborn body fat lingers. The most commonly treated areas include the neck, arms, love handles, stomach, thighs and knees.

How is SlimLipo different from other laser or traditional liposuction techniques?

SlimLipo offers greater precision, less risk, and less downtime than other laser-assisted liposuction procedures. SlimLipo also produces a skin-tightening effect that is impossible to achieve with traditional liposuction techniques. Finally, SlimLipo is performed with tumescent anesthesia, which facilitates fat removal and decreases bruising.

Is SlimLipo laser-assisted liposuction safe?

When performed by a plastic surgery expert, laser-assisted liposuction is an extremely safe, minimally invasive procedure that produces outstanding results. Risks or complications are generally rare or minor and may include bleeding, swelling, bruising and discomfort.

Who is a good candidate for laser lipolysis?

Candidates for SlimLipo include men and women who are in general good health and who would like to remove unwanted, localized pockets of fat from specific areas of the body. Because every patient is different, the best way to know if SlimLipo is right for you is to schedule a consultation.

Where is the SlimLipo procedure performed?

Laser-assisted liposuction on an outpatient basis at our practice rooms. This gives our patients an added level of comfort and ease during their procedure.

How long does the SlimLipo procedure take to perform?

Typically, a SlimLipo treatment typically takes between one and three hours to complete, depending on the area being treated.

What type of anesthesia is used during a SlimLipo procedure?

The doctors typically perform this surgery with general anesthesia. Smaller areas may be appropriate for a local anesthetic with intravenous sedation. Sedation may be provided if necessary to ensure that each patient is comfortable and relaxed.

What happens during laser-assisted liposuction at Solano Plastic Surgery?

During the SlimLipo treatment, the surgeon inserts a laser through very small incisions to liquefy stubborn body fat for removal. The laser also helps to tighten the skin in the treatment area.

Are there scars after undergoing SlimLipo?

One of the reasons Dr Klink and his patients are so enthusiastic about laser-assisted liposuction is that the very small incisions made in the treatment area result in minimal scarring.

What is recovery like after laser-assisted liposuction?

Thanks to the doctors’ expert technique, recovery after a SlimLipo treatment is generally mild and shorter compared to other traditional liposuction methods. Many of our patients experience some bruising and swelling. It takes about a week for the bruising and swelling to dissipate, and during this time, a compression garment will need to be worn.

Can I go back to work after a SlimLipo treatment?

The majority of patients return to work and other normal activities within 2-5 days after their SlimLipo treatment. In order to promote healing, patients are advised to postpone strenuous activities for several weeks.

When will I see results of my SlimLipo treatment?

The results of SlimLipo are initially masked by swelling and bruising. Once these after-affects subside (in a week or so), changes will start to become noticeable and improvement will continue over several months.

Is laser-assisted liposuction painful?

Our surgeons are extremely skilled and experienced using SlimLipo and has developed his technique so that there is typically little discomfort associated with this procedure.

Are results permanent?

Patients who follow a sensible diet and exercise program can expect the results of liposuction with SlimLipo to be permanent.

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