Eventually, most people will start noticing their neck contours changing, usually while viewing themselves in a mirror or a photograph. A common problem, virtually everyone will experience these changes to some degree.

The good news is that there are solutions.

Sagging and laxity of neck skin are correctible problems thanks to several advanced non-surgical and surgical treatment options administered by skilled professionals.

Neck contour problems manifest themselves in several ways. The issue may be fullness caused by excess fat, loose skin, prominent neck muscle bands, or, in most cases, a combination of these.

And depending on the severity of the condition, one or more professionally administered treatments can improve the situation and restore that neck contour of prior times.

A reputable, professional plastic surgeon will tailor a neck lift program that will work best, employing the lowest level of invasiveness possible to achieve the desired result. The surgeon may recommend multiple solutions in instances where more than one issue is present.

Non-Invasive Technologies

Each treatment is designed to correct different issues and locations. These non-invasive options are typically effective in cases where skin laxity is not extensive.

Depending on the objective, the following procedures can be effective for melting fat or tightening skin in the neck area:

Fat Melting:

  • Mesotherapy
  • Kybella
  • Coolsculpting

Skin Tightening:

Your plastic surgery professionals can describe how each procedure works and how one may be the most effective option for your circumstances.

Surgical Solutions: Liposuction

Moderate to severe skin laxity may require a more aggressive approach, including surgery and neck liposuction procedures for a lasting and effective neck lift.

Fat can be effectively removed by liposuction or direct excision with a surgical neck lift.

Less severe Platysmal or neck band problems may be “softened” with Botox injections, while severe banding must be corrected with surgery.  The surgery may require a small incision beneath the chin or an additional incision around the ear and hairline if the laxity is considered more severe.

Consult with Napa Solano Plastic Surgery

An in-person evaluation by a respected plastic surgeon is essential to establishing a perfectly tailored treatment for each patient. 

The essential first step to addressing a sagging neck or any other cosmetic issue

is to arrange a confidential consultation with the professionals at Napa

Solano Plastic Surgery. While there, one of their expert physicians will tailor a   program that best meets your needs.

The Napa Solano Plastic Surgery professionals are committed to three basic principles:

  • Operations are absolutely safe.
  • Selected Operations have low complication rates.
  • Patients will look Natural after any procedure.

You can schedule your consultation by visiting the Napa Solano Plastic Surgery website. While viewing their site, learn about this award-winning clinic, the professional staff of doctors and aestheticians, and the full range of procedures available.