Sun exposure, aging, and other factors can take a toll on anyone’s appearance. While a diligent at-home skincare routine can go a long way in restoring your skin’s smooth and glowing complexion, sometimes more advanced treatments are needed. That’s when in-spa treatments like chemical peels, waxing, and deep cleansing medical facials tailored to your specific needs and skin condition can help you look and feel your best.

Napa Solano Plastic Surgery’s MediSpa is medical skin care designed to give you the latest in cosmetic skin treatments in a comfortable and safe environment. Our menu of services provides exceptional, natural-looking results that help maintain your well-being and vibrancy.

Chemical Peel Services

  • VI Peel. Suitable for all skins types, our VI Peel provides dramatic results with no skin prep, little downtime, and virtually no pain. It’s a great option for clients who want to reduce or eliminate age spots, soften lines and wrinkles, reduce acne scars, and more.
  • MicroPeel. A three-step process that involves physical and chemical exfoliation, our MicroPeel uses glycolic acid to remove the pore-blocking layer of skin that keeps your skin from looking its freshest.
  • MicroPeel Plus. For a more effective exfoliation, this peel uses salicylic acid, which is known for its ability to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the skin renewal process.
  • Obagi Blue Peel Radiance. Obagi’s signature service, this peel uses a blend of lactic, salicylic, and glycolic acids to kill bacteria and brighten your skin.
  • Retinoic Acid Peel. A deep cleansing facial is followed by a 1% retinoic acid solution applied to your skin to stimulate collagen, exfoliate, and repair sun damage.
  • Melange Skin Brightening System. This medical-grade peel is safe for any skin type and includes a one-month supply of home care products.

Deep Cleansing Medical Facial

A deep cleansing facial is a fantastic way to let one of our aestheticians work their skin rejuvenation magic. Our medical facials focus on deep pore cleansing, extractions, and hydration using steam and a gentle enzyme mask.

Waxing Services

We offer a full range of waxing services, including eyebrows, lip, chin, bikini, underarms, and more. This is a terrific service for removing unwanted hair from areas of your body for an extended time.

Hand, Neck, and Decolletage Treatments

Many skin rejuvenation treatments rightfully focus on the face. Our relaxing hand, neck, and decolletage treatments are also helpful in mitigating and preventing the signs of aging which often first show up in these areas.

Ready For a Fresher Looking You?

Napa Solano Plastic Surgery’s MediSpa medical skincare services are provided by our qualified aestheticians in all three of our safe and welcoming locations. We’re also proud to offer our clients the full line of premium clinical skincare products from Obagi. To learn more about all of our services or to schedule a skincare consultation, get in touch with us today.