As women age, declining estrogen levels sometimes leads to thinning of the vaginal walls, a decrease in natural lubrication, and tissue inflammation. The result is often dryness and discomfort that inhibits women from enjoying intimacy. Menopause is the most common reason for these changes, but they also occur from childbirth, breastfeeding, chemotherapy, and hysterectomies.

Non-surgical treatments for vaginal tightening have grown in popularity, with the global market size now estimated at over $4 billion. Napa Solano Plastic Surgery uses the Votiva FormaV and FractoraV systems to address unwanted changes to your vaginal area due to aging and childbirth.

What Is Vaginal Tightening?

Sometimes referred to as vaginal rejuvenation, vaginal tightening addresses various changes to the vagina’s inner lining. It can:

  • Increase collagen levels
  • Relieve dryness and irritation
  • Address vaginal skin laxity
  • Ease mild urinary incontinence
  • Diminish excess tissue
  • Tighten the area outside the vaginal opening

FDA-approved, Votiva vaginal rejuvenation systems are safe and comfortable treatments that avoid all the risks and stigma attached to similar vaginal procedures.

How Long Does Vaginal Tightening at Napa Solano Plastic Surgery Take?

Votiva treatments at Napa Solano Plastic Surgery offer women a fast and gentle way to deal with common feminine health and wellness concerns. The total treatment time varies from six to 30 minutes, depending on various factors. On average, you can expect a session to take about 15 minutes.

There is no downtime or recovery period after a Votiva procedure, and you can resume your daily activities immediately after leaving our facility.

Are Votiva Treatments Painful?

Votiva is entirely painless, though you might feel a “warming sensation” during each session.

How Soon Can You Expect to See Results?

Significant vaginal tightening and external tissue restoration can occur in as little as two weeks after initial treatment. Many patients report results lasting up to 18 months, while others might need to receive three sessions spaced a month apart before seeing the same outcome. In any case, it’s best to maintain your results with yearly or semi-annual maintenance treatments.

Is Vaginal Tightening Right for You?

Any woman experiencing symptoms like vaginal laxity, stretching, or discomfort can benefit from Votiva treatments. The groundbreaking, non-invasive solution is extremely safe, has no side effects, and poses little risk.

If you think Votiva vaginal tightening treatments could be right for you, or if you have more questions about the procedure, contact Napa Solano Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation.