Are you frustrated because certain areas of stubborn body fat are not responding to strict dieting and excruciating workouts? Don’t worry, you are not alone. In fact, this is a very common problem with many men and women trying to get in shape; and it is the main reason that liposuction is the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedure across the entire United States.

Also referred to as lipo-sculpting, liposuction is a light procedure that removes pockets of stubborn body fat that cause your physique to look disproportionate and less aesthetic. There are common areas on the body like “love handles”, double chins, and the lower belly area that tend to build up this fat for various reasons (age, poor lifestyle choices, physical changes due to pregnancy, etc). These parts of the body don’t respond well to diet and exercise the way other areas of the body do and are the likely candidates for liposuction.

The Procedure

With a small incision on the desired area, a thin tube is inserted and gently moved back and forth to loosen the fat. Once the fat is loosened, it’s sucked out of the patient’s body with a surgical vacuum (or a syringe can also be used) attached to a cannula. Liposuction patients are administered anesthesia to make the procedure more comfortable. After the procedure has finished, patients can expect some swelling and soreness for up to 72 hours after the liposuction has been performed. Once the swelling begins to subside, patients will notice the results and change in their body contour. 

Is Liposuction For You?

You can rest assured that the professionals at Napo Solano plastic surgery will make the entire experience as comfortable for you as possible while achieving the results you desire. Renowned plastic surgeons Dr. Brian Klink and Dr. William McClure have over 30 years of plastic surgery experience which has helped changed the lives of thousands of satisfied patients. You’ll be advised in advance if the procedure is right for you and if it is, the team at Napo Solano Plastic Surgery will provide you with the best patient care from start to finish. 

*Disclaimer: Image is representation of model and not actual patient


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